Project perseverance

Project is a go go…

I was feeling a little unmotivated today

I am tired from a busy weekend and two subsequently early mornings since

I practically fell asleep at 8pm last night in the middle of watching Thor the Dark World

Which is a great movie by the way, well, from what I saw of it, it was!

So I woke this morning still feeling a little fatigued

No one showed up for my running session at the University

Which I was secretly glad about, because I was starving hungry and knackered

So I got home and ate breakfast feeling like playing hooky for the rest of the day

I could justify it in my mind

I work hard for the rest of the time

So one day off won’t hurt

That is debatable, when you run your own business, your success is directly linked to your productivity

And willingness to work, even when you don’t want to

That aside, I received an email

The email was regarding a project that I had been looking to set up in the local area

It was actually something that I thought was going to have to go on the back burner since the council seemed to be extremely reluctant to help me to move forwards with this

My email said that I had been granted the funding that I had been lobbying for WEEK IN WEEK OUT for about 6-8 weeks now

I preach perseverance daily to my clients – and anyone else who will listen to me

But even I was getting a little despondent in this case

I figured it wasn’t going to happen

But luckily I kept going and showing my commitment to bringing this project to life

That in this case my perseverance was rewarded!

It’s like a fire has been lit in my belly again for today

So keep a weather eye on the horizon

I will be launching something soon that is going to be great

I am being all clandestine for a reason

I don’t want to jinx my amazingly good fortune today!

Keep at it with your stuff too…

If it seems hard for a while

That’s ok

Battle on

Pick up your sword (or the barbell) and attack it

Because only the best things in life are worth fighting hard for

The hard times, highlight the great times

All of the annoyance that I felt over the million and one barriers that were put in my way for this project

Has dissipated

And all that remains, the thing that I will remember…

Is launching a great project and making it a success

That’s what sticks!

Nicola ‘gladiator’ Rossell

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