I fell off the diet wagon….

One of the biggest reasons that we ‘fall of the diet wagon’ is the perpetuated idea that you are not allowed to eat bad food

That you automatically go on santa’s naughty list when you eat a cookie or a doughnut

That eating out is bad for you, and that you absolutely must not ever have dessert if you want to lose weight

THAT is utter boohockey (trying out new words to replace swear words now that we have a little baby sponge)

And it has the potential to be seriously damaging to your mindset if you continue thinking this way

Whatever you believe right now……you’re probably reading this because what you are doing right now is not working for you??

Most people end up getting these emails because you saw something in my writing or online that sounded a little different, you believe that there has to be another way to get the weight loss results (a way that doesn’t feel so ….hard!)

You might’ve watched one of my videos

You maybe read a blog or a post where I was talking about heath and fitness in a different way…..

Health and fitness without the lifestyle sacrifice

Health and fitness without giving up food that you love

Health and fitness without the boring endless cardio on the treadmill

Well after all of that gassing, I think I’ve come up with a solution

I’m just finishing putting the final touches to a brand new lifestyle programme that I’ve been perfecting over the last few months

It’s been designed specifically for busy and stressed Leicester ladies who want to stop going around in circles, and who want to stop feeling so disappointed with not getting results.

The programme will not only teach you how to protect your energy and confidence, but it will also show you the way to getting sustainable AND healthy results, without sacrificing the food and drinks that you love (all in just a few weeks!)

It’s not your typical ‘run of the mill’ gym programme (treadmills, static bikes and endless sit ups), and it does involve a few things that are a little….different……but what you have been doing up to now has not been working for you….

….so maybe it IS time for a change!

If you think that you’d be a good fit for the programme

Put yourself in the running by clicking through to the submissions page >>> apply here

This will start the process of your application to get an interview for one of the spaces!