This is how you are like Zac Efron

28th July 2019

Have you ever seen the movie ‘The Greatest Showman’ ?   I watched it (again) last weekend and it blew me away (again!)   I am a sucker for a musical and I just love how many really strong messages we can draw from a good story   The basic premise of the movie is […]

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Your question, answered!

25th July 2019

It makes me really happy when I get reader questions sent to me, it gives me the opportunity to expand on a topic ……and I like to share the answer with all of you so that I can help more than one person at a time (hopefully) The reader question was in relation to the […]

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Hacks for weight loss

24th July 2019

I’m not always a big fan of ‘hacks’   It implies that you can just apply simple fixes to your life and perhaps paper over the cracks   Or if you’re into imagery, it might give you the image of someone hacking away with an axe of some sort….grisly!   But occasionally there is call […]

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How much do you have to lose?

23rd July 2019

How much do you have to lose before you realise that what you have is valuable?   We work harder   We stay awake longer   We push our bodies more   We strive to improve our circumstances (money, big house, fancy car)   BUT what about the things that are TRULY valuable in the […]


You can’t see the wood for the trees

15th July 2019

Something that I realised this week was that I was stuck going around in circles   I am a human too, and whilst you might look to me as a role model of sorts, this doesn’t mean that I live a squeaky clean and perfect life….   Far from it in fact   I struggle […]

If it’s not in the house….

14th July 2019

……….then you can’t eat it Time and time again I hear the same story I got home from work….I was tired…and the food was just THERE But the reality is that if the junk food isn’t in the house, then you can’t eat it Save you going out in your car to get it, or […]

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How to cope with all inclusive holidays….

4th July 2019

…………without gaining a tonne of weight When you are going on holiday, the excitement and joy can be overtaken by the dread of gaining weight from the dramatic change in lifestyle choices We just got back from an all inclusive break and i wanted to share my ideas with you to help you to get […]


The truth is too painful

14th June 2019

Do you make a weekly plan? A monthly plan? An annual plan? Here at RF…. We make a 90 day plan We do this because it’s a long enough time frame that you can see some AWESOME results And it’s short enough that you can’t use the mindset that you can leave your tasks until […]

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Inspired by Ramadan

4th June 2019

You may or may not be aware of this, but it is the end of the Muslim fasting period called Ramadan If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a month where Muslims all over the world choose to take nil by mouth from dusk until dawn It is a test of resilience and strength and […]


If I’m being honest…

17th May 2019

I’ve not had a good fortnight ….. but I choose to look at this as positively as I can and extract the good out of the bad I am sharing this with you so that you can understand that NO-ONE has it easy, and no-one is doing well ALL OF THE TIME We are all […]