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Poo in a cup parenthesis the chocolate experiments

28th February 2015

Chocolate usually inspires joy, right? I like to play around with food and try different things I try to provide 3 new recipes ideas each week for my clients And show them that it isn’t boring or difficult to eat well It is my belief that we should all find ways to enjoy food and […]


Your journey is not done

27th February 2015

Ok I admit that this connection is a little weak But I’ve been feeling a little musical all week and wanted to continue the theme This song by the Police is not 100% what I wanted to make the point in this email but some of the lyrics work so play along Every step you […]

Learning and education

Supplements and Magazines

26th February 2015

Supplement companies are raking in the £££ but do we really need all we are being sold? Yesterday my bro knocked on my door and asked me about BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids) and if I could order him some… This I though was weird, not least because he never knocks! But mainly because I’ve […]

Endorphins rush from training

Endorphins and the X factor

25th February 2015

Ever done something cause you have to, then realised that it was the best thing you could have done? After my bed bound 48 hours last week my immune system must be having a laugh cause I now have a sore throat and an almost chesty cough Despite waking up feeling like someone had taken […]

Flagging progress

Objectively assess your progress!

24th February 2015

Can you look objectively at yourself? I feel like I have been harping on a lot recently about certain subjects But this, I do feel is important to really drive the message home We all have this expectation of ourselves, of our progress and how fast or slow it is showing itself up Firstly, YOU […]


Ask yourself what will be different?

23rd February 2015

My blog yesterday was a bit of a thought provoker Well I hope it was, and I hope it got you thinking about the why’s and wherefores and what makes you, you! Part of our conversation was about the topic of the year so far Or it seems No one can escape it 50 shades of […]

Blogs about good ideas

Perfection, an endless quest?

22nd February 2015

Are we chasing an unknown and unattainable reality? I had the pleasure of spending yesterday afternoon with my friends and their 3 kids I got fully into it, I became a bear that chased them around We all took turns at playing being a dog and fetching a ball One kid got REALLY into it […]

Cooking, kitchen

Control in life, not an easy thing to master

18th February 2015

There are some things in life that you cannot control… One of those things is your neighbours house alarm going off at 2.30am I woke up closed the windows and cursed them for waking me from my slumber When I mentioned this to a client of mine, she called me out for being a rubbish […]

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And he laughed right in my face

17th February 2015

Personal Training Douchebags WARNING: Rant Alert I took one of my clients out for lunch yesterday, I do that sometimes to say thanks for just being an awesome person (and listening to me ;-) ) Funnily enough they are always on ‘good behaviour’ with their food when I take them out… ;-) I digress As […]

Blogs about good ideas

Light bulb moment, why your progress may be stagnating

13th February 2015

I’ve heard this a lot recently… ‘I just want to reach ‘x’ weight and I’ll be happy’ OR ‘The numbers on the scales just aren’t going down…’ When I hear my clients saying this to me, it makes me feel sad And not because it appears that they are not making progress But because they […]