Winding road

The grass isn’t always greener

23rd November 2017

Where are you at right now? I ask you this question because I truly want you to think about it Are you happy, sad, angry, frustrated, fed up, content, miserable, stuck in a rut, satisfied? As a society we are constantly told that we should be striving for more For bigger For better And I […]

Challenge your direction

Going against the grain

22nd November 2017

This is not an email about carbohydrates before you switch off and delete my email today This is about your choices And how you can ACCELERATE toward the results that you want You are here because you have been wanting More HEALTH More HAPPINESS More CONFIDENCE More ENERGY You want to know how to get […]


How embarrassing!

20th November 2017

I was walking to work yesterday morning Getting my groove on as usual Do you like to listen to music whilst you walk? I LOVE it Music or podcasts They are a fantastic way to get some ME TIME or EDUCATION time (if you enjoy podcasts) Whilst moving your body and totting up some steps […]


A two decade battle

19th November 2017

Let’s face it….most busy mums are struggling Struggling with the weight loss battle This is a battle that has raged on for decades now (nevermind that our societies ideal of what they WANT women to look like changes roughly every 5 years, but that’s an email for another day!) How many decades have you struggled […]


Livin’ it up

18th November 2017

It’s been a big old week for me A week of eating out and partying (yes, personal trainers do party!) A few years ago this would have sent me into a tailspin A vicious cycle of guilt, shame and blame Guilt that I was eating food that I wasn’t controlling Shame that I was then […]


Calling all foodies

17th November 2017

My members and I are doing a challenge at the moment Do you want to join in? Let me tell you about it…. A really common complaint when losing weight is gut related issues You know….the icky stuff that no one likes to admit to (gas, bloating, cramps, diarrhoea, constipation) No fun at all! So […]


I surprised even me

16th November 2017

We had another milestone at RF this week The transformation ladies hit day 60/90 Which means 1 of 2 things They’ve made a FAB commitment to themselves They are in for the fitness test and progress check in It is incredibly important to track your progress…. Have you done that before when you’ve tried to […]


It’s time to take stock

15th November 2017

Taking stock A birthday (or any milestone really) is a great time to take stock Of where you are Of the choices that you have made Of where you would like to be Questions often pop like… ‘Am I happy?’ ‘Do I feel successful?’ ‘Do I feel fulfilled?’ So I wanted to ask you…. Do […]

You are going to want to open this!

14th November 2017

Today is a special day At least it is for me I don’t know about you… It’s my birthday! One of the things that I set out to do when I set up shop here in Leicester Was to positively impact as many ladies as possible in their weight loss efforts! I wanted, and still […]


We don’t compromise on this ONE thing

13th November 2017

Yesterday was remembrance Sunday Did you observe a vigil and spend some time remembering the sacrifices that were made all of those years ago? Whether you found the time to do this or not I think that spending 2minutes (or more) in silent contemplation is an incredibly powerful thing Me and my members are always […]