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Clothing size – does it really matter?

26th January 2015

Clothing size  – does it matter to you? How many times have you gone from shop to shop cursing because you are a different size in each one? How many times have you bought something that you actually hated but it was a size smaller than you usually wear?   Judging yourself by your clothing […]

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Green Vegetables, love them or hate them, we need them!

24th January 2015

Do you actually like green vegetables? Eat your greens, that’s all we hear when we are young right. My memory of vegetables was mushy, yucky, weird tasting and strange textures. Desperate parents resort to the promise of pudding if we will just take 2 more mouthfuls of green stuff. Now it’s commendable to attempt to […]

Blogs about good ideas

What do you use when you reach breaking point?

16th January 2015

Are you there, are you at your breaking point? If you’re reading this blog post, its likely that you have reached breaking point, or one of your clients, friends, family has and you want to know what to do! We all get there right? Things add up on us, and we inflate with anger, stress […]


Business, marketing, psychology and arrogance

5th January 2015

Honesty alert I am about to be startlingly honest here about my opinions when I was younger … I did not value the subject areas of Business, marketing, psychology and any of the other ‘wishy washy’ subjects in my oh so naive and ignorant youth! At school I secretly scoffed at my peers taking these soft […]