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Slow cooker, the saviour of modern cooking!

31st January 2015

The dawn of the slow cooker I love my slow cooker! I am pretty late to the game with this, but I am now making full use of this beautiful little appliance! It is one of the best investments I made in kitchen ware EVER. After a long day… What do we look forwards to […]

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Clothing size – does it really matter?

26th January 2015

Clothing size  – does it matter to you? How many times have you gone from shop to shop cursing because you are a different size in each one? How many times have you bought something that you actually hated but it was a size smaller than you usually wear?   Judging yourself by your clothing […]

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Green Vegetables, love them or hate them, we need them!

24th January 2015

Do you actually like green vegetables? Eat your greens, that’s all we hear when we are young right. My memory of vegetables was mushy, yucky, weird tasting and strange textures. Desperate parents resort to the promise of pudding if we will just take 2 more mouthfuls of green stuff. Now it’s commendable to attempt to […]

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Gluten, that little devil…

21st January 2015

Before I begin this post, I want to make it clear that I am not vehemently anti gluten, I try to maintain a gluten free (reduced) diet simply because when I do eat it, it makes me bloat and I get a headache. This is just intended to be some information to spread a bit […]

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Morning all! How are we feeling this morning?

20th January 2015

How do you feel in the morning? How does your waking up routine go in the morning? Does your alarm tear through you like a knife wound followed by a squint at the clock, a roll over and a groan into your pillow? Or do you spring out of bed before your alarm and feel […]


Do you know yourself?

18th January 2015

Who are you? Do you know yourself? * Spoiler alert * I read Gone Girl whilst I was away on holiday over Xmas in Venice and if you do not wish to have the ending of the book ruined for you then look away now and come back to this when you’ve finished. The main […]

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Gratitude, expressing thanks, acknowledgement

17th January 2015

Gratitude, noun ‘the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness’ Expressing gratitude Gratitude is something that we are not always brilliant at showing or expressing. Sometimes we feel embarrassed, or shy or we just don’t know the most appropriate way to express these feelings, and sadly we sometimes just let […]

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What do you use when you reach breaking point?

16th January 2015

Are you there, are you at your breaking point? If you’re reading this blog post, its likely that you have reached breaking point, or one of your clients, friends, family has and you want to know what to do! We all get there right? Things add up on us, and we inflate with anger, stress […]


Some great books, and some less great books!

6th January 2015

Books are a great way to develop new skills Recommended Books How to save an hour every day – Michael Heppell Flip It – Michael Heppell The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho   What I recommend NOT to read Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn (my first foray into fiction in a long while, incredible dis-sastisfaction and […]


Business, marketing, psychology and arrogance

5th January 2015

Honesty alert I am about to be startlingly honest here about my opinions when I was younger … I did not value the subject areas of Business, marketing, psychology and any of the other ‘wishy washy’ subjects in my oh so naive and ignorant youth! At school I secretly scoffed at my peers taking these soft […]