Feel less January-ish

31st January 2018

If January has been a bit of a write off for you…. ….I have good news! Its February tomorrow woohooo It’s time to start thinking about what you want to achieve this year   Living that new, ‘healthy’ lifestyle for the foreseeable future! Do you have a good grip on that? Have you managed to […]

scales, compare

Shaking awake

30th January 2018

There is one day to go to get your free ticket for my ladies-only event Its taking place tomorrow 930am If you are oadby based And you have been feeling stuck, frustrated and fed up with your weight loss With feeling like you have no energy No motivation No drive to change things Even though […]


I’ve learned to be ashamed of my scars

29th January 2018

‘I am not a stranger to the dark “Hide away”, they say “‘Cause we don’t want your broken parts” I’ve learned to be ashamed of all my scars “Run away”, they say “No one’ll love you as you are” These are lyrics from one of the songs in ‘The Greatest Showman’! Have you seen it […]

pull ups

You’re not going to believe this

28th January 2018

One of the most common goals that I hear about from ladies in Leicester…. What do you reckon it is? Any guesses? . . . . To be able to do a press up Are you surprised Sure, I commonly hear ‘Nicola, I want to lose weight’ ‘Nicola, I want to drop a dress size’ […]

Getting yourself out of a funk

27th January 2018

Getting into a funky mood is something that we never seem to throw off I reckon it comes from being a teenager We learn how to ‘act out’ and usually…completely against our true personality we act in a way that befuddles our family, friends and even ourselves when we get back into our right mind […]

Blogs about good ideas

In the spirit of talking about food

26th January 2018

I rarely watch the tv, being more of a netflix girl But i caught something the other day on BBC that made me sit up and take notice There was a feature on eating bugs (can you imagine why that caught my attention!) Yes that’s right Eating critters Mealworms Crickets Caterpillers And ….. massive tarantulas […]

bowl of food

Best places to eat for more successful weight loss

25th January 2018

ROSSELL FITNESS RECOMMENDED EATS When you are losing weight it can be really tough to know where to eat to get the best results, so I wanted to share with you some of my TOP PICKS for Leicester! Before we dive into the recommendations, I want to make sure that you understand that you ought […]

Winding road

Where is it broken?

24th January 2018

Where is it broken? Weight loss is rarely a straightforward line to immediate results Often we have curve balls coming in from all directions This is probably why it is so damn hard to find a method that sticks for the long-term And probably why MOST people are not getting where they want to be! […]

How to protect your confidence

23rd January 2018

Every week…. In addition to their ‘in-gym’ training My members and I get together for a chat about health, fitness and their weight loss We do this online so that it is easier for them to squeeze it in around kids, and other stuff they have going on These online sessions have added so much […]

Cold, snowflake, winter

Motivation coming to a grinding halt

22nd January 2018

The bitter cold and the snow usually have the effect of bringing the UK to a grinding halt We can’t drive our cars We don’t have the right shoes Schools get closed Which means that you have more to deal with at home The kids need entertaining more than usual And the excitement of sledging […]