coffee mug steaming

Ahhhhh I forgot to order decaf

31st July 2017

Ahhhhh I forgot to order decaf I’m sitting here writing to you with my heart fluttering like a hummingbirds wings These days I am super sensitive to caffeine I can’t drink it after mid-afternoon or I’ll be up all night And if I order full caff when I really want a decaf Jaysus….it sets my […]

Challenge your direction

Where are you going wrong?

30th July 2017

Do you want to know the 2 biggest secrets to successful weight loss? Identify what you want And do what you said you would do to get there They aren’t secrets really If you think about it, the concepts are remarkably simple But as a population, we seem to be unable to follow through with […]

pull ups

Get some skin in the game

29th July 2017

Are you ready to go all in? I’m not talking about coming on board with me I’m talking about YOU Are you ready for things to change? To jump in with both feet? Because that’s really the only thing that matters If you have had enough of things the way they are And IF you […]

Sun light

Love Island lessons learned

28th July 2017

Did you see the end of Love Island this week? There was a big showcase ending where the winning couple had to decide whether they would split the money It was time for them to be honest and step out from behind the mask And decide whether the relationships they had built over 2 months, […]


Raving loons (or raving fans?)

27th July 2017

  ‘What goes on in your member’s area Nicola?’ Someone asked me this question this week, so I wanted to give you a rundown of our latest live coaching video So that you can see just how much benefit we can get from joining us with an online membership (and how you could accelerate your […]

Brick wall

It will hit you like a brick

26th July 2017

There is a reason that I build in LOADS of R+R activities to my client’s schedules Because it is ESSENTAIL for the results that you want ‘Rest is not a reward for hard work, it is a prerequisite for results’ Burning the candle at both ends Feeling exhausted Feeling drained Can only last so long […]


I got all butt hurt…

25th July 2017

I got all butt hurt… And I’m not talking about when I jumped bum first and popped out my hip I’m talking about when I met my mentor And he called me out on all of my stories All of the excuses and stories that I was telling myself to make myself feel better about […]


Monday blues

24th July 2017

It’s Monday morning, again Are you starting your diet, again? Facing those bran flakes and skimmed milk with an inward sign of resignation? Glancing at your lunch box with the wilted lettuce and soggy cucumber, trying to convince yourself that this is the way that you will achieve the weight loss that you want! Please….. […]

pull ups

Vimi was flippin awesome

23rd July 2017

One of the really cool things that we do in the gym is tyre flipping It super tough and takes a while to build up to But eventually I encourage all of my ladies to give it a try They are usually intimidated and unwilling to really believe that they can do it So sometimes […]

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Are you ready to save yourself?

22nd July 2017

This week I conducted interviews for a FREE personal training programme It was a fairly rigorous process I wanted to make sure that the ladies that I was getting on the phone with were the right kind of ladies for me to work with Frustrated BUT ready to change Fed up BUT willing to tackle […]