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Words to live by

30th April 2017

Keep being you This is a phrase that an old friend used to use frequently We became friends when I was about 14 I’m 27 now, in case you were wondering! When he used to say it to me I never really appreciated what it meant But the older and wiser (haha) I’ve become The […]


Who are you trying to be?

29th April 2017

Who are you trying to be? A Kardashian A fitness model Someone you saw in a magazine Or a better version of yourself? Me? I grew up wanting to be just like my dad I was a tomboy through and through I copied him in all things Karate Triathlon And just generally tried to emulate […]


It was very self sacrificing

28th April 2017

I had an email from a lovely lady yesterday I asked you guys to email me back And she did She told me about herself And then she very quickly talked herself out of applying for my FREE ladies only programme She even said that she didn’t think that she was worthy That other people […]


Hold on to your hats

27th April 2017

Hold on to you hats I have something big in the pipeline for you I don’t want to give too much away And I do so love to tease! Keep your eye on your inbox for the next couple of days And I will reveal all! In the mean time, let’s have a chat about […]

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The equation didn’t add up

26th April 2017

The equation didn’t add up Are you willing to be goddam awful at first? I used to hate being bad at stuff I used to late losing So much so that I would cheat at any board game just to win I was a monopoly money thief I was a slippery so and so in […]

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Welcome to the cookie club

25th April 2017

The Transformation Cookie club This is an integral part of my transformation programme You might be thinking that I’ve gone mad But learning how to put together simple, quick, tasty snacks IS ESSENTIAL to your long term progress The next time you reach for a snickers bar Or a cookie Or a bag of crisps […]


It feels like crap to begin with

24th April 2017

Things always feel hard at first When I first started practising yoga It felt like a real bloody chore It meant I had to get up earlier in the morning I had to force my weary body through downward facing dogs And all manner of other bizarrely named poses I remember thinking at the time […]

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If I am not fit and well, my family suffer

22nd April 2017

I read something really poignant from my clients application the other day ‘I am not fit and well, my family suffer’ This is so powerful If you are struggling to get up off the couch, how much running around after your kids and grandkids do you think that you will be able to do? That […]

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Worst customer ever

21st April 2017

Worst customer ever I like to think I do a good job of attracting the right people to my business My clients are ALL lovely And I have an interview process to make sure that anyone who wants my time and my energy, isn’t going to sap and waste mine Because at the end of […]

Endorphins rush from training

Mind over marathon

20th April 2017

Did you see the BBC TV programme about ‘mind over marathon’ It was about using running to try and improve mental health They took 10 people who had various different mental health issues And put them through a training programme for the London marathon It was really fascinating And quite emotional Seeing them make the […]