Winding road

I let someone else talk about binge eating, experiences and getting back on track

30th April 2015

Slightly different format for today’s email I am going to let someone else do the bulk of the talking for a change I know what you’re thinking Thank goodness ;-) I wanted to share someone else’s experiences Because I can bang on about this whole process being a journey Sounds a little wishy washy doesn’t […]


I talk about time, working relationships and exclusivity

29th April 2015

Yesterdays email did as I expected It caused people to unsubscribe You see I am not interested in working with everyone on gods green earth I am not in the game to change people’s minds I have had people tell me that this kind of repulsive email Is just bad business I.e. it makes no […]


I talk ‘being more dog’ and the unsubscribe button!

28th April 2015

I put out content each day that I intend to help people make better choices, make them laugh and guide them towards being ‘more dog’ as o2 would say But you know … there are some people I don’t want subscribing This is you if you… ·Are looking for a magic pill that will bring […]

Learning and education

I talk about doubt, fear and family

27th April 2015

Often we are crippled by other peoples fears I work in an industry where people don’t understand fully what I do ‘People pay you to train them?’ ‘People pay you to tell them what to eat?’ What? ‘You work evening and weekends?’ Yep ‘You have Thursday mornings ‘off’ work?’ Yep ‘You get paid for writing […]

Fitness, dumbell

I talk about strength, mindset and unexpected events

26th April 2015

How solid is your mindset? Often we think of strength in terms of kilos lifted Often we think of power as wattage But how often do we think of training our minds? To have a strong body, And when I say strong I don’t mean the classic notion of bodybuilder strong Lifting and pulling cars […]


I talk about the different between healthy food and a healthy lifestyle!

25th April 2015

I threw a surprise birthday party for a friend this week All of the planning came together and it was great fun At the party a few of the girls were asking me whether the food was healthy To give you an idea of what I chose to serve Bearing in mind that I knew […]

Learning and education

I talk about finding a coach, avoiding idiots and money back guarantees

24th April 2015

Do you want a money back guarantee? Finding the right coach is an important task One that you might have to spend some time and money on But we don’t all have the luxury of testing the waters with various coaches A decent coach will be expensive so we kinda want to hit the nail […]


I talk about goal setting, planning and feeling despondent!

23rd April 2015

Planning ahead When you have a long term goal It’s really hard to keep yourself on track If you don’t have check points along the way Then motivation wanes dramatically I took a big chance this year I gave up steady money In a steady job (that I did not enjoy at all) To go full time with the business (that I love) It’s not been the leap that I expected though It’s been a butt load of admin actually I’ve done more laptop work than I have done coaching But it’s all necessary To get me where I need to be I am thinking super long term like 10 years from now Building something from scratch is hard Putting all of the pieces together is like a million piece jigsaw puzzle But piece by piece it does all come together I want to share with you my tricks for keeping my mind on the prize I set my self small goals Every Sunday I evaluate where I am And I project where I want to be in one weeks time Sure I have the end goals in my mind But they are too far ahead to be the driving forces now So I set down 5 targets for the week 5 things that must get done this week It doesn’t sound like much But life happens around this You cant predict what is going to de-rail you Or attempt to de-rail you day to day And if you get more done well that’s just a bonus A great book along these lines is ‘The one thing’ I’ll let you read it to find out what your ‘one thing’ is! This week I have been derailed by hot coffee and laptop problems I have the burns to prove it But when all is said and done It doesn’t matter that I have burn marks Or that my laptop crashed Because I have no excuses Come end of year I have either done the work that I needed to do to succeed Or I haven’t It really is that simple I learned this straight forward thinking from a brilliant man called Paul Mort He is teaching me many things But most relevant to me right now is the value of taking responsibility Where you find yourself is a direct product of your work to date […]


I talk about the ‘if only’ plague, change and feeling empowered!

22nd April 2015

If only I were… How many times have you thought the following If only I were rich, I would be happy If only I were slim, I would be happy If only I had less flab, I would be happy If only I weighed less on those damn scales, I would be happy If only […]

Award trophy

I talk about laptops, the new me and brain power

21st April 2015

My laptop is slowly dying on me I’ve written this email three times already Once on my laptop then it died before I saved it Once on my tablet, where the screen refreshed and I lost it all again And one on my phone where I got half way through with the tiny screen and […]