Throwing toys out of the pram

30th June 2017

Do you remember what you did yesterday? I have a terrible memory When someone asks me what I did this week or even yesterday I often have to check my diary to remind me of what I have been up to30 Life moves so fast Its super hard to keep track of things that are […]


‘Damn girl, you look hot’

29th June 2017

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said ‘Damn girl, you look hot’ I’m willing to bet that you haven’t done that for a very long time Perhaps you’ve never looked at yourself like this Maybe you’ve never appreciated what an awesome specimen you are! I know it sounds kind of […]


Sometimes the truth hurts

28th June 2017

Sometimes the truth hurts Sometimes the things that hurt us are not the truth Getting triggered by other people And things that happen in your life Your reactions to these events…. These are habits now These are reactions that feel out of your control But your actions do not serve you….. Binge eating Binge drinking […]

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Why do you want to change things?

27th June 2017

Why do you want to change things? Are you happy? Happy with your life? Your lifestyle? Your energy? Your moods Your relationships? Your body? If you answer NO to one or more of those questions Then legitimately you could put yourself in the running to change things today With my programme My ladies only transformation […]


Why does motivation fade away so quickly?

26th June 2017

Why does motivation fade away so quickly? I could answer this question in so many ways But essentially Motivation fades quickly when you don’t enjoy what you do If your diet is boring and bland If your exercise regimen feels like a chore If your friends are getting better results than you If your own […]


No facebook, no problem

25th June 2017

I have some good news for you I’ve got 5 new videos to share with you If you missed them LIVE over on my facebook page You can catch up right here Video 1 – how to make the best decision Video 2 – when you are in pain Video 3 – exposed Video 4 […]

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Comparing to your frenemies

24th June 2017

It’s so easy to look at your best friend and think that they have it all (but we don’t mind so much because we love them right!) Our social media addiction means that we are ALSO looking at our neighbours, our frenemies, and people we don’t even know And measuring up to them Every single […]


I don’t blame Debbie

23rd June 2017

To get onto this email list You have to subscribe So it always makes me smile a little when someone emails me and angrily insists that I stop emailing them…. This happened yesterday Lovely Debbie emailed me and demanded, and I quote ‘stop sending me b*llsh*t emails’…. I send out an open invitation to unsubscribe […]


Common dieting mistakes

22nd June 2017

This week I delivered a cracking coaching video to my members only forum It was called ‘common diet mistakes’ And it received a really positive response from my lovely ladies With a chorus of ‘Nicola it’s like you are inside my head!’ Here is what I covered… Why I had to change my lifestyle and […]

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‘But you’ve never been fat Nicola!’

21st June 2017

Yesterday I talked about being exposed IF you haven’t done the work And someone emailed me back and asked me what qualifies me talk about weight loss and the work that is required to lose weight…. When I have never been fat…! Well it’s true I have never been fat BUT…I spent the best part […]