Eating over Christmas – Indulgence Part 1

Are you prone to a bit of festive indulgence?

Lets be honest!

Aren’t we all?

Xmas starts in November now with your enthusiastic work colleagues bringing in their delectable goodies to bring some Christmas spirit to the office!

First off the Stollen bites get passed around and we have a cheeky bit, or two or three cause it really is quite addictive!


Then someone brings in their first batch of mince pies for us to be their guinea pigs, and my aren’t they good! And they hang around in the office all day, even the most resilient of eaters is tempted right!


Then we get the experimental bakers who make multiple Xmas Cakes and bring their spares in for us to try!


No one is made of stone, we can smell it, we know what it tastes like and we love it! A nice deep filled, fruity piece of cake. NOM

Then the less experimental bakers feel that they need to contribute something to the Xmas spirit so the tins of quality street start turning up and no one can walk past the tin all day and not pick out your fave quality street. Incidentally mine is the green triangle!


And then the occasional festive biscuit box finds its way into the office too!


We all know it happens, we all do it in fact, and we all graze on this stuff for weeks leading up to Xmas. We love Xmas time, it makes everyone happier and jollier and its just a nice time of year when people get together, perhaps they haven’t see each other for a whole year. Its a wonderful time of year and we should enjoy it, but we just need to be aware of what we are consuming.

Don’t let treats become daily occurrences, I am definitely not saying don’t eat any of these things, but learn to listen to your hunger, learn what your body needs and don’t over step the mark.

Enjoy the build up to Xmas, it is the most wonderful time of the year!