Drinking over Christmas – Indulgence Part 2

Do you love a Christmas tipple?

What does your typical Christmas day involve?

In my experience most of us will have done a combination of the following festivities…

Xmas Timeline

Waking up with a sore head from Christmas eve antics – usually drinking ‘santa’s brandy’


Popping open the bucks fizz mid morning for the Christmas day toast – hair of the dog sorts you right out!


Some fruity festive vino with dinner, usually sampling a few different bottles right?


A bit of Christmas Baileys well it is special addition, it would be rude not too!


And before you know it your slurring your words and falling asleep at 4pm missing the queen’s speech!


Now I’m all for a bit of festive indulgence, its a day where you get to eat and drink with family, most people are merry and spirits are high.

I am not crapping all over your Christmas

I just want to spread a bit of awareness when it comes to drinking over Christmas!

By all means enjoy yourself, but try and factor in these drinks when you are considering your intake as a whole

We can often make the mistake of thinking that drinks don’t count as calories, but they very much do, and they don’t offer much in the way of nutritional value.

Now, not everything that you eat or drink HAS to pack a nutritional punch, but on a day where there is likely to be a lot of dense calorie bombs its just worth being aware of the effects of your intake.

Alcohol also affects our sleep in a number of ways, this simple guide can help you to manage your alcohol intake an ensure that you have a fab day with a sound nights sleep afterwards!

That’s enough from me, go enjoy your Christmas and may you all have lots of festive cheer!