Pay it forwards

Has someone helped you out recently?

Maybe you got some good advice?

Perhaps someone put you onto a sweet short cut that has made your life easier?

Have you read something that made you go ahhhhh ha, that’s gold dust!

Let me tell you a story about me..

I became a personal trainer because I loved the idea of getting involved with people…..

…..aaaaaaand then I became loads of other things too


How diluted my business has become?!?!

YES I can do all of that stuff, sure I’ve done courses in all of this (and spent a LOAD of money doing it AND spent more hours than I can count building up experience mostly without being paid) but where did my original business idea dissipate to?

What am I?

If someone asked me the question ‘sooo what do you do?‘ – I’ve reached a point where I do not know how to answer this!

Redefining the parameters

Most recently I discovered the power of marketing, and I am still learning this, I am a marketing newbie in all senses!

Paul ‘marketing genius’ Mort has shown me a way forwards, his brilliant advice on his blog/podcasts and FREE information and ‘hilarious but filled with great info’ daily emails have dug me out of a massive energy sapping hole. I was getting worn very thin, my mood and energy were very low and I was finding myself just wishing I could stay in bed and sleep all day!


So instead of trying to be everything every day to everyone, I am going to try and do what I love, with the people who respect me and with whom I enjoy spending time!

I value education, gosh I bloody love it BUT I think I came to rely on it. But at some point, I have to have the time to APPLY it!

Pay it forwards

So this is me paying this valuable lesson forwards…

Find someone who’s words make sense to you and BLOODY WELL DO WHAT THEY SAY

AND then pass it on so other people can benefit.

Don’t hoard that stuff!

Pay it forwards!

And help more people!