Stop sending me maths problems!

To all you smartie pants’

After my mathematics email the other day

I got a few smart Alecs sending me maths problems

Cheers for that!

Well I suppose I did ask for it ;-)

And you can be happy that I was stumped

Maybe I am as bad as I previously thought ;-)

Well I will get back to those sums after my short break

I am in Wales you see

My idea of a holiday includes the small feat of climbing a mountain

Mount Snowdon to be precise

I’ll be back on Monday feeling tauntingly fresh

After all of that welsh fresh air

And incredible views atop Snowdon

I am feeling annoyingly gloaty today

Have a superb weekend

Catch up soon

Nicola ‘must get to the peak this time’ Rossell

PS If you’ve ever climbed a mountain, do share your tips :-)