I eat AS MUCH as I physically can

Eat less and move more – a concept that is popular in the media

But just how does this apply to real life?

Before I went solo with this PT business

I worked for a commercial gym

So I was exposed to a LOT of other personal trainers

Everyone has their own style and approach

And in the beginning I thought it was fantastic

Lots of people like me who were geeky about exercise and nutrition

People who had a real love for it


For helping other people, like you to get to grips with this training and health stuff

Over time, as I learned more

I realised that some of the other trainers that I was working alongside had some pretty terrible practices

They had issues that I see every day in my clients

They had eating disorders

I remember one trainer in particular, lets call her Jane

Used to try and eat below 1000kcal every day

This was someone who was active, cycling to work

Leading active classes sometimes up to 6 classes per day

Taking clients on runs

And perhaps worst of all ADVISING those clients on how to structure and plan their nutrition

I was never privvy to how Jane advised her clients, I hope she applied a different approach to them

Now Jane looked absolutely fantastic

So she had no reason to think that she could live any other way

Except in this somewhat warped reality where her energy balance was probably out of whack by a good 1500-2000kcal

And wearing that 1000kcal as a bizzare badge of honour

Jane was stuck in a cycle, she believed that she could not change her reality, that 1000kcal was the limit and if she stuck to it, that would be fine…for what they rest of her life?

I was naive when I first started

Or you could call it curious

Was this the answer I thought

Could it be that simple

‘eat LESS and move MORE’ ???

So I tried it, I tried for one day to eat 1000kcal

And I failed

Maaaaan it was hard and it SUCKED

I know better now

Much better

Severe energy deficits are DANGEROUS

And following that path, or encouraging someone else to follow that path is neglectful

Your body and health is a gift and its damn precious

There are SO SO SO many things that can go wrong with the body

Why are we making it harder for ourselves to feel GOOD?

Where do you go from 1000kcal huh?

Down to 800, 500, to zero?

I am sure you can see that this is a bad path to follow!

I wear a badge of honour that reads

‘I eat AS MUCH as I physically can, keeping inside of what my body needs to SURVIVE and exercise daily, to keep my organs happy, to keep my mood happy, to ENJOY my day to day food and to support my hormones for a lifestyle that keeps me healthy’

Bit of a mouthful eh!

Its a damn big badge!

But I wear it with pride

If you are not meeting your body’s basic needs, you will damage yourself – potentially irreparably

Don’t be afraid though…

Be an action taker and learn more about what your body needs to do, to have, to be great!

I had an insight into this restricted world, and I hated it, it was hard and I felt RUBBISH – even for one day

I am not prepared to sacrifice EVEN one day of my life to feeling that rubbish ever again

There IS another way

Nicola ‘loves her food’ Rossell

PS If you know someone who is stuck in a cycle, please do share this email with them, share my blog or my email address – there is another way!