Programme times for 2020

Please apply below and if you are a suitable candidate we will be in touch soon to arrange your FREE TRIAL

This is an application for a ladies only training programme, please be as honest as you can be and give as much detail as you can in your answers!

  • Barriers are anything that get in the way eg time, motivation, religion, family, work, mindset, health, injury...
    Some of the coaching and community aspect will take place in our private Facebook group
  • Please go into detail here, I want to know how you think you will FEEL, LOOK, how your MOVEMENT will be different, your CONFIDENCE, your MOBILITY, your COORDINATION, your FLEXIBILITY, will you be able to run around with your kids/grandkids, will you be strong enough to pick them up for a cuddle - go deep here and get into the future!
  • If you are not ready, please type NOT READY YET
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