Facebook Challenge Baseline

  • If you are unsure what this means, an example would be1 = you feel totally lost, and have no clear direction to go in, your motivation is hanging by a thread10 = you feel super clear and driven, with a well mapped out plan of action
  • Please only use this as a metric if you have a decent set of scales that measures it accurately.
  • You will only be able to submit this if you have been logging on myfitnesspal. Take the total calories from the last 7 days, add up ALL of those numbers and then divide by 7 to give me the average.
  • Drop files here or
      Try to wear the same clothes (and bra if relevant) each time. Please no NAKED photos. Underwear photos are fine if you are comfortable sending this. You may upload a maximum of 3 photos (front, side, back)