You’re not going to believe this

One of the most common goals that I hear about from ladies in Leicester….
What do you reckon it is?
Any guesses?
To be able to do a press up
Are you surprised
Sure, I commonly hear
‘Nicola, I want to lose weight’
‘Nicola, I want to drop a dress size’
‘Nicola, I want to feel confident again’
‘Nicola, I want to understand my body’
But amongst these, there is always that desire to be able to do a press up!
I LOVE that!
I love hearing that ladies want to feel strong
They want to be able to master their bodies
And achieve something that is actually quite difficult!
I wanted to share this with you so that you can understand the type of member we have at RF….
The ladies come in feeling frustrated, fed up and confused about weight loss
But after a little time they become focused, clear and they set their sights on some awesome stuff!
They find purpose
They get clear on what they want
And they work each week toward doing it
Sometimes it takes us 12 weeks to get to a FULL press up
Sometimes it takes us 6 months….
But when we get there
The pride is apparent and we all celebrate together
Because that is what RF is, we are a fitness family
Weight loss, is just the beginning
When you discover what you are capable of
You will amaze yourself with what you can actually do!
And when you feel so good about yourself
The choices that need to be made, that dictate your weight loss
Food, exercise, lifestyle….just don’t seem so damn hard any more!
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Nicola ‘proud as punch‘ Rossell