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It makes me really happy when I get reader questions sent to me, it gives me the opportunity to expand on a topic ……and I like to share the answer with all of you so that I can help more than one person at a time (hopefully)

The reader question was in relation to the post I did the other day about ‘hacks for weight-loss’

If you didn’t read that one you can do so here at my blog:

The question came in about APPETITE SUPPRESSANTS

I was talking in the blog about cutting out empty calories from drinks (like milky teas, coffees, sugary sodas and fruit juices)

And whether you’re aware of this or not, drinking things like this can have an appetite suppressing effect (which initially might seem like a good thing if you are trying to lose weight and finding it hard to manage your appetite)

BUT long term it’s not great to get a false sense of your appetite 

Your appetite is there to tell you something. If you are constantly overriding the signals from your body you are messing with your natural ability to recognise when you are genuinely full or hungry

In the beginning of a weight loss journey, if you have cut out some calories with a view to losing weight there will be a period of time where your body wants to go back to the ‘old way of eating’

Your body got used to it, your body liked it, your body got complacent at that level of eating

So when you change things up and cut out some of the calories that your body was used to getting every day, your body is going to respond to that my increasing your appetite signals to encourage you to eat more

This will only last a short period of time IF you can stay strong

Using liquid to fill up your stomach will work on the receptors that we have in there that recognise when the volume of the stomach is nearing capacity, so this is great….short term

But if we keep doing this, if we keep messing around with the natural signalling processes we will lose our natural sense of what we actually need!

We can only trick our bodies for so long before we mess up for good!

Your appetite tells a story about how satisfying your last meal was which you can then use to make improvements on the quality and/or quantity (if need be)

Only in very rare cases where food addictions are an issue would suppressing the appetite be potentially useful

Otherwise it’s wise to listen to our bodies and try to make the best choices from the information that our bodies are giving us

If you can become more connected to your body, and listen to the signs, you will find it easier to make better choices, which leads to better results

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Nicola Rossell