You don’t have to ram it down their throats

When you see someone spiralling in front of your eyes…(eating too much, drinking too much, becoming more sedentary and behaving in a way that doesn’t lead to good health)


….it can be really hard to know what to do


Addressing it head on can be risky because you do not know how they will respond


They might not be READY to hear what they need to hear yet


They might not be READY for an intervention


It doesn’t generally matter what YOU can see and what YOU can think of to fix it….


… will be down to them and coming to their own conclusion in their own time


I see this all of the time…


Concerned family members


Concerned friends who just want to help


BUT nothing will be effective until that person is READY to tackle HOW THEY FEEL


Past a certain point it isn’t about the aesthetics (and arguably this is never important really)


Past a certain point it becomes about HEALTH


We don’t get second chances on our health


We are resilient


We CAN push our bodies hard….BUT….


We can only go SO FAR before we experience something irreversible


We live in an age where the NHS can fix a lot of our problems


But there is no guarantee any more that SELF INFLICTED poor health will lead you back to feeling ‘well’




Binge eating


Excessive drinking


Drug taking






These are all the easy way


They way to cope with what you/they are feeling


A way to ignore what really needs to be addressed!



If you see someone that you care about doing this


The best thing that you can do is lead by example AND share videos/posts/blogs/information that might one day break through to them (Unless you are confident in addressing it with them head on)


You don’t know how far a video can reach


If something touches you


If something hits a nerve with you and you think that over time it could help someone else to make a break through….


Share it


Re-post it


Re-tweet it


Like it


Make sure that OTHER PEOPLE SEE IT


You don’t have to ram it down their throats


Just make the information more accessible


And be there for them when they are ready to reach out



If YOU are in this situation now…and you have no-one to talk to


I am here if you would like to have a chat with me ->