You don’t have to stay stuck

The mood that you are in when you wake up and the feelings that you have are not set in stone for the day

Some days I wake up feeling bright and shiny ️

Other days (like today) I woke up feeling anxious, and stressed out

There isn’t rhyme nor reason to these feelings today (sometimes there are obvious reasons but today no)

So I have choices……

I can either allow my mood to fester and take over….

Allow my mood to impact my choices and my results for the day

Often when we feel stressed or ‘out of sorts’ our choices wont be salad, vegetables and fruits

We are more likely to revert to our comforting behaviours

The type of behaviours that make us feel better at the time, but don’t really fit in with our goals, or the results that we want

Make sure you are aware of your behaviours and the things that you are likely to do so that you can come up with some positive alternatives

SO THAT you can change your reality and your mood status with different choices

I would recommend

🎶 Music

🎸 Playing instruments
🚶 Walks in the countryside
🐶 Cuddles with pets
📖 Journalling
🤸🏻‍♀️ Fun exercise
🧘🏻‍♀️ Meditation or yogaThese things can all be very restorative

They have the power to boost or mood and change your physical and emotional state

You are not stuck with the feelings that you have

👍Identify it
👍Allow yourself to feel it

💪Then do what’s in your power to turn things around

Make the best of your day ☺

If you need to talk to someone about what you are feeling, please do reach out to me
I can talk to you, or I can signpost you to someone who can help
Let’s talk? ->>
All the best