You can’t see the wood for the trees

Something that I realised this week was that I was stuck going around in circles


I am a human too, and whilst you might look to me as a role model of sorts, this doesn’t mean that I live a squeaky clean and perfect life….


Far from it in fact


I struggle with the same challenges as you, I have the same self-confidence issues


I make the same mistakes that you do


I am just a little further along my journey than you are at the moment so I perhaps have the ability to drag myself out of my pit and get myself back on the path I want to be on


When I get stuck, I assess myself thoroughly and then I reach out to someone who works at a higher level than I do and I ask for help


More often than not, you will be too close to your own story (and your go to excuses) to see the way forwards


It took me years of coaching, studying and practise to get to this stage…


So what I really want to impress upon you today (other than the idea that it doesn’t really matter how experienced you are….life will still throw crap in your direction to challenge you – so you better be ready!)


The real message from today is that that ‘it’s ok to ask for help’


I’ve had help from coaches, trainers, physios and therapists (most recently)


It took me a while to realise that I didn’t have to do it on my own


In fact, it was actually MORE FUN when I was engaging with other people and learning from them


I sought out people who taught me to be better


Taught me how to move better, how to think better and how to keep challenging myself to BE BETTER


My teachers never spoon-fed me, because that’s not totally helpful (and is the reason why we don’t do that here either)


My teachers forced me to think and to plan and to develop the decision-making skills so that I could be independent (most of the time) and only come to ask for help when I was truly stuck


I want you to know that asking for help, admitting that you are stuck IS NOT A WEAKNESS


It’s a strength


It means that you recognise that your situation is beyond your CURRENT ability to help yourself


But with the right coach, the right mentor, you could accelerate yourself toward the lifestyle results that you want


The first step is reaching out to someone


That might be me, it might not be me…..


As long as you feel that the person you are reaching out to will show you the way, without leading you by the hand


Take back some control and start to own up to your responsibility


Be accountable to your coach, but learn to be accountable to yourself too!


If you’d like to chat about this with me just click here ->>


We can get on the phone and talk about your next steps


IT’s brave to step forward and admit that you need some help


But it will be the best thing that you ever do, to move toward being independent and confident in your choices and actions


I look forward to hearing from you!


Nicola Rossell