You are only powerless if you BELIEVE that you are powerless

We were watching Robin Hood the other day (the new-ish one with Taron Egerton)


It’s pretty good if you fancy something to sink your teeth into (a twist on a classic tale!)


Anyhow there were a few good lines in the movie, but one really stuck out to me


Robin’s sidekick (although he plays a slightly different role in this movie) John was giving a pep talk to Robin


Robin was losing faith that he could make a difference


He was doubting his cause and the actions that he had to take to work against the Sheriff of Nottingham


So John said ‘You are only powerless if you BELIEVE that you are powerless’


Woah……..*MIND BLOWN*


I’ll highlight that again


You are only powerless if you BELIEVE that you are powerless


This applies across all walks of life


Across any culture


Across any race


Across any family, group or tribe


You are only powerless if you BELIEVE that you are powerless


If you have BELIEF


You have a foundation for success!…….


Of course, belief is not enough on its own


If you strengthen your beliefs to support consistent healthy and positive actions


If you take the steps to build your confidence, your energy, your abilities


If you apply this to your lifestyle and your actions and choices day on day on day


You will build something fantastic


Now I’m not suggesting that we all take up arms and go against the oppressors (that would be beyond the scope)


But what I am trying to lead you toward is a BELIEF in yourself


A belief that you have the ability within you to get what you want


You CAN lose weight


You CAN be in control of your health


You CAN feel more confident


You CAN build your energy


You CAN do it…..


But it cannot begin WITHOUT you believing in yourself first of all


You won’t reach out and ask for help IF you don’t have a kernel of belief that it is possible


Dig deep and light those embers


Spark the fire in your belly


Doubts are ok


Worries are normal


Fear is part of the process


But taking NO action – is not acceptable


Put your hand up


Take a step today


Reach out into the unknown


Know that there are people out there who WILL help you


People who WILL guide you and hold your hand when you feel scared and unsure


People who WILL help you create the lifestyle and the results that YOU have always wanted


People who WILL ease you into personal accountability so that you take control of your own destiny


Like our friendly neighbourhood Robin… all start with a belief and a desire for things to change


What could you build?


What could your life look like without the sedatives (booze, food, shopping, netflix?)


I want to talk to you about this…..


If you are ready to reach out….I’m here!