You are asking too much

How much do you ask of yourself?

If you are anything like me….

You are the ear and shoulder for your family and friends

You are the strong one

You work hard

You socialise hard

And you take care of everyone else

But what about you?

What about your own self care?

Do you have that down to a t?

Or is that falling by the wayside as you tackle all of the things that life is throwing at you?

The thing is, I don’t want you to stop being you

I want you to embrace it

I want you to treat yourself even half as well as you take care of others

And you’ll have an amazing start to a healthier, happier lifestyle

I’m not just talking about physically taking care of you!

Yes, good nutrition is essential for health and weight loss

Yes working out is going to help with these things too

But I’m also talking about HOW you TALK to yourself

  1. How many times do you berate yourself on a daily basis?
  2. How many times do you silently tell yourself that you are worthless, fat, ugly, useless?
  3. How many times do you reinforce this negative opinion of yourself?

Do you think that this is helping you to get in a good frame of mind for weight loss?


When was the last time that you took a moment for yourself to just chill out

No phone

No instagram

No snapchat

No filters

Just you, and yourself taking a beat

Relaxing, restoring and recovering from the mele of life?

The results that we get here at ROSSELL FITNESS are founded in SELF CARE

I will ask you to take care of yourself physically and mentally

Because without this, your results will ONLY be short term

I want you to feel healthier, happier and more confident LONG TERM

I can help you to get these things

Are we on the same page?

Talk to me about the ladies only 12 week transformation

Nicola ‘