Worst customer ever

Worst customer ever

I like to think I do a good job of attracting the right people to my business

My clients are ALL lovely

And I have an interview process to make sure that anyone who wants my time and my energy, isn’t going to sap and waste mine

Because at the end of the day, the coach client relationship has to work

Otherwise no one feels good about it

Sometimes people slip through the net

This lady actually came in for a massage

So, I hadn’t had the chance to pre-screen her


She was rude

She was entitled

She resented having to fill in a health and safety form

And she decided to cancel her massage on the spot

Without any notice

And without paying for the time that she had booked

To me this is bad behaviour with a terrible attitude

But I’ve seen it a lot

I see it a lot in women who are tired, fed up and lacking confidence

I see it a lot in women who are frustrated, unhappy and looking to take it out on someone else!

A few years ago

Her attitude would have bothered me

But I get it, I understand what it feels like to feel out of control

To have mood swings, to have anger spurts, to have a short temper

And truly the only person that she is hurting with her awful attitude, is herself

(And the people who love her)

This is where I want you to pay attention

Those people around us

The ones who love us

They won’t stick around all that long, IF we take our crappy moods out on them

If you are a worse version of yourself when you are tired and run down

If you use your loved ones as a berating post

It’s only going to end one way

With you, on your own

Even more lonely and unhappy than you feel now!

Because at the end of the day

No one has endless patience for your shit

If you are stuck

If you are annoyed

If you are frustrated

If you are taking it out on other people and you feel like you can’t control it

Consider that something has to change -> https://www.rossellfitness.co.uk/strategy-call/

This is why I make ENERGY a massive focus of my work with ladies in the gym

When your energy is good, you feel good and you act good

If it all starts to fall apart when you are run down, when you are worn out

Your moods

Your attitude

Your motivation

Your confidence

Your happiness

These are RED FLAGS to make a change

I’m just suggesting that you start here -> https://www.rossellfitness.co.uk/strategy-call/

Nicola ‘zen’ Rossell