Words to live by

Keep being you

This is a phrase that an old friend used to use frequently

We became friends when I was about 14

I’m 27 now, in case you were wondering!

When he used to say it to me

I never really appreciated what it meant

But the older and wiser (haha) I’ve become

The more I’ve come to understand how powerful and poignant and relevant these words actually are

We live in this world where we have people telling us that we are not good enough






Our friends

Our family sometimes

Ourselves (often!)

And it can feel like being yourself is not an option

Maybe you feel like you put a mask on every single day

I certainly did for years!

I can probably count on one hand the number of people I truly felt comfortable being little old me with, 10 years ago


I bare my soul

I do this for you in these emails to show you that you’re not alone

I do this on live video via my facebook page, to show other ladies that they are not alone

I do this because being honest and opening up about struggles

Being true to who I really am, is how I over came emotional based binge eating

And it’s how I got my life back under control

The funny thing is

I recently reconnected with that friend

He saw one of my live videos and he really liked the message, the honesty, the integrity

On some level, his words have always stuck with me

10 years ago, I wasn’t ready to hear them

But now, I live by them!

I am me, and nothing but me!

So you might not feel ready to bare your soul

But if you could open up a small slice of who you really are

Take off that mask that you wear in public

And just talk to me, as you, as your beautiful self

I’d love to meet you -> https://www.rossellfitness.co.uk/strategy-call/

Keep being you

Let the real you, shine through

And trust me

You will feel liberated