No one in their right mind would pay for a personal trainer

A had a interesting chat with a fellow personal trainer yesterday

He came up against some resistance from someone who didn’t see the value in hiring a personal trainer

She claimed that

This, by the way, was someone who asked for his help in the gym

And applied for a personal training consultation with him…

Go figure…!?

Anyhow, I don’t know if he managed to explain to her the benefits of having a coach or trainer

But I do know that I can share with you what my ladies think about having me as their coach

Some of the things that I have picked up from conversations with my clients include

  1. Hard work – you simply do not work as hard on your own as you do with a trainer (or within a group with a training buddy) and hard work = results!
  2. Accelerated results – this ties in with point 1, if you want to achieve something in a time frame, hiring a trainer can usually accelerate that process simply by knowledge of planning and execution
  3. Motivation – knowing that you have to get out for a run or hit the gym when you’re tired is easy to talk yourself out of when you are just a party of one…but when you know I’m waiting for you, you will turn up every single time and enjoy it when you do!
  4. Accountability – you know that you behave better when someone is watching…so when you know that you have to report an honest nutrition plan to your trainer will it be healthy nutritious meals on the menu all week OR admit to eating take away every night? You know what your choices will be for the most part!
  5. Enjoyment – training with a coach or a partner is more fun and interesting and the time flies by compared to staring at the clock wishing the time to speed up
  6. Long term health, happiness and confidence – training on your own is fine and you CAN get great results, but a coach will offer you guidance in other areas of your lifestyle including mindset and lifestyle design for long term health! Making progress is not only about the session to session gains, it’s about understanding how to change your life so that you don’t end up back to square one in 6 months time.
  7. Guaranteed results – a quality personal trainer should be able to offer you a money back guarantee on your results, provided they trust themselves to provide the service that they advertise! So if you want a change, you have no risk in investing your money

So there are 7 reasons why hiring a trainer might be a good idea

It’s not for everyone

It might not be for you

But if you like the sound of it…and want to know more

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Nicola ‘personal trainer’ Rossell


Did I mention that I DO guarantee all of my services?

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