Who do you think you are kidding?

We went to watch the time honoured Dad’s Army yesterday

If you’ve not seen it yet cover your eyes for this bit


The rag tag band of soldiers in the home guard takes responsibility for guarding the coastal path at Dover

With the usual series of mishaps and misadventures

They unknowingly expose one of the British Army’s decoys to the German spy

Under scrutiny and with displeasure from their seniors

They eventually save the day despite creating the whole mess to begin with

They parade as heroes restored to their ranks

This is kind of like ladies who want to lose weight

We know that we are creating our own misery

We know that we are making the wrong choices with food

We know that we are not getting out and exercising

The situation that you are in, is created by you

Like the bumbling home guard, you are the architect in your own reality

But ALSO like the home guard, you can save the day

The power to do that is in your hands

Like Sue

Sue came to me a month ago feeling fed up

Frustrated that she could not shift her weight

Angry at herself for letting herself get into this situation

She had limited mobility and strength

So we began a training programme

And well, why don’t you hear what she had to say:

‘I first contacted Nicola at Rossell Fitness because I was becoming more and more unhappy about my steady weight gain and lack of energy.  It was easy for me to put it down to my age, especially since turning 60 but deep down I knew that this was just an excuse.  I was feeling creaky and constantly feeling tired but simply didn’t have the energy or motivation to change.  Catch 22 or what?

Then one morning I looked in the mirror ….and finally told myself that if I didn’t like what I saw I should DO something about it.  It was down to ME to take control back and make a difference….do SOMETHING even if I wasn’t sure what.  I knew that if I didn’t then low energy levels would get worse, my dress size would increase and my health would ultimately be at risk.

The reality was that I needed to be proactive and get back into a healthy mentality and lifestyle so that I could enjoy my life and my family for many years to come.  I wanted to be physically and mentally strong and stay that way for as long as possible.

Personal training with Nicola was great and a key factor in helping and supporting me in my quest to make the right changes, stay on track and repeatedly achieve my short term targets without crazy diets and manic gym sessions.

Nicola generously shares her skills and knowledge, is very approachable and straight forward, she takes interest in you as a person and gives sound, practical advice and support.  Nicola advised and guided me on nutrition and how to exercise correctly and she created fun and varied workouts together with realistic targets that definitely worked for me.  I loved the weight training in particular which was a big surprise. 

In 5 weeks I lost a total of 12 inches including 3 inches from my waist!  

Nicola undoubtedly helped me in my personal quest with her personal training sessions and continues to advise and fortify the belief that I can achieve more goals, even at 62!  I am still very focused, my energy levels have increased dramatically and I now enjoy a healthy pattern that works for me – still getting fitter, losing weight and inches.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nicola Rossell and Rossell Fitness.   If like me you are ready to make that change, why not take the first step and contact Nicola. 


You have a choice

Be like Sue

And get what Sue got

Take action and become the heroin of your own story

Or stay as you are


Nicola ‘who do you think you are kidding’ Rossell

Individual Personal Training