Who are you comparing to?

Who are you comparing to?

Have you ever thought about how much our exposure to other people has changed?

Back in the day

(and yes, I am old enough to remember the days when we only had 5 TV channels)

We had tv, magazines….and that was about it

We had minimal exposure to other people (minimal competition)

And minimal chances to feel insecure about our choice

About how we look

And about whether changing is at all possible

These days….

We have a constant stream of opportunities to feel insecure

To feel inferior

  1. To celebrities
  2. To our friends
  3. To people we have never even met

This is the curse of social media

It is fantastic for some things

But a true curse if your confidence is feeling a bit battered

Because scrolling through any news feed there is always someone who seems to be doing better than you

Do you see?

If you keep exposing yourself to social media

You’ll probably keep shredding your confidence to ribbons

That is, unless your confidence is bullet proof

Mine isn’t

But I work on it every day

And part of that, is taking myself away from social media

Away from the comparisons

Away from the competition

Away from the feelings of inferiority

And just focusing on me

And what I AM doing in my life

This is something that I do with the ladies that I work with too

We have a system

It’s more like a game actually

And we make sure we win at our own game….EVERY SINGLE DAY

If you want to know more

If you want to start winning too

And building your confidence back up

So that you achieve the things that you want to achieve (regardless of what anyone else is doing…)

Lets have a chat -> https://www.rossellfitness.co.uk/strategy-call/


Ps…I’m not railing on social media

I love social media, it helps me to reach more friends across the world

But if its not serving you and your confidence

Consider taking a break from the mindless scrolling

And start focusing on YOU