White Tiger Nutrition Awareness Group

Nutrition Awareness for the General Public

White Tiger Nutrition Awareness programme is not your average weight loss programme although we perhaps appear so on the surface;

So to the untrained eye we may appear to be very similar to those other weight loss programmes that are so popular nowadays.

BUT we do not ask our members to give up the foods that they like to eat, we don’t advocate weight loss via ridiculous milkshake diets, we don’t advocate zero carbs, or low fat, nor do we use caloric models or obsessively count calories – some of these approaches are harmful and neglectful of the needs of the body! And they are not generally needed for the average member of the public.

What we do is to educate our members about different types of food and help them to help themselves.

We teach that it is not your body weight that is important, but your body composition. It is not important essentially what the scales are telling you, it is much more important that you are healthy, happy and comfortable with the way that you look.

Health is defined as:

a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’ – World Health Organisation

It is not just about seeing the numbers on those scales going down!

By using science and research we learn about food and what is best for us, we aim to optimise our nutrition and thus work towards optimising our health using smart choices when we decide what to eat. But we are not only learning about what to eat, we learn how to practically apply the research to our lives, there is no point being swamped with studies if you have no idea how to use the research to help yourself.

Testimonial from Slimming Club member Lisa:

After trying many diets & slimming clubs over the years I joined Nicola’s weight management programme a few weeks ago.  I now understand the nutritional value of food and the different effects it has on our bodies.  With Nicola’s guidance and tuition I have altered my eating habits, no more snacks or cravings for sugar or stodge & so far have dropped 2 dress sizes.  No more fad diets, this is a well balanced and healthy eating plan which is realistic and easy to maintain for the long term.’

My passions as a personal trainer lie within nutrition and with the education of people so that they can lead longer, healthier and happier lives.

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