Where is it broken?

Where is it broken?

Weight loss is rarely a straightforward line to immediate results

Often we have curve balls coming in from all directions

This is probably why it is so damn hard to find a method that sticks for the long-term

And probably why MOST people are not getting where they want to be!

You are different

You are here, reading this email

And you’ll be here reading tomorrows email too because you know that there is a way to do this that makes sense!

The thing that most people miss is identifying where the approach is broken

I reckon MOST people eat pretty well

And almost everyone knows that exercise is good for them

They also know that they need to reduce their calories in some way (if they are overweight)

The principles of weight loss are known by almost everyone

It’s become such an obsession in our culture

To look and be a certain size and shape…

But what we don’t seem to have an obsession with is finding the RIGHT approach for US!

Weight loss can never be a ONE SIZE FITS ALL thing

We are all unique

And it takes a unique approach to work out what is best for you!

The basic principles are the same for sure

But the nuances

The differences

The challenges that YOU face….are all relatively unique

Which is why I created a weight loss formula

This covers the basics, but also allows each individual to tweak and change the formula based on their own unique circumstances

But we cannot forget to look at where the formula that you are currently applying is not working for you

Perhaps there are only a few simple tweaks that need considering

Maybe you have a little more work to do….that’s ok too!

But I can guarantee you one thing

It’s not going to be as hard as you think it will be

With my formula to make things simple

All you have to do is apply the simple changes

And monitor the results

And we can get the formula working for you in your own unique lifestyle!

Come along to my FREE ladies only event on 31st January to find out more about how to apply this in your life


Nicola Rossell