When your friends and family just don’t get it!

When you are ready to make lifestyle changes, it does not mean that your friends and family will also be ready to change

We create social groups around the activities that we enjoy together

When you are not bothered about being healthy and losing weight, this might mean that your social activities gravitate towards eating out, drinking a lot, getting a take away etc

When you are trying to change things up in your lifestyle to get better weight loss results….you may have to consider changing some of these things (or at least spending less time doing them!)

A really big challenge occurs when your social group or family just don’t understand why you are trying to make changes

Sometimes they even take it as an insult that you are pulling away from the habits that you used to do together

It can be really hard

And it can be enough to drag you back into your old ways and habits

But you are here reading this because you know that there is another way to do things

And you know that things need to change…..you just need a little extra help getting there because change is hard and scary (especially if your close peers are not on board)

You cannot force other people to get it

You can’t make them want to change with you

If you’ve been contemplating a change for a while now, you will know how long it can take to get your head around actually DOING IT

So the most that you can do is try to merge the two together, make a compromise and find a way to spend time with those you love and care about, without jeopardising your new healthy habits

The thing is….the approach that we take at Rossell Fitness is about BALANCE

There is a way to blend your old ways into your new ways

It comes down to finding the right balance for you and what you want to do physically AND socially

If your mates don’t get it, try not to let it get to you

Have the confidence to make your healthy choices knowing that you are working toward something worthwhile for you

Other people’s opinions and inputs are literally INVALID when it comes to YOUR health, YOUR happiness, YOUR well-being and YOUR weight loss!

If you’re still feeling a bit stuck….

Let’s talk about it —>>> https://www.rossellfitness.co.uk/strategy-call/

I look forward to hearing from you…



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