Welcome to the cookie club

The Transformation Cookie club

This is an integral part of my transformation programme

You might be thinking that I’ve gone mad

But learning how to put together simple, quick, tasty snacks IS ESSENTIAL to your long term progress

The next time you reach for a snickers bar

Or a cookie

Or a bag of crisps

I want you to consider whether it is the best option

Not because they are ‘junk’ foods

Sometimes, junk food IS the best option!

But has junk become your norm?

The reason I host the cookie club

And ask the ladies on my course to volunteer to host in turn

Is to encourage a discovery of snacks that taste great, that are home made

Things that will keep them satiated, and content

And HAPPY knowing that they are NOT on a diet

That they CAN eat the things that they enjoy in a balance that works for them

Some people can eat dessert every day, and lose weight

But these people are in the minority

We work on finding a compromise that works for you

Maybe that means ‘treats’ once per week

Twice per week

Three times per week

Until you find your own personal balance, you will struggle

So what do we know…..?

Mindless eating of junk is a sure fire way to pile on weight

Finding the best way to eat FOR YOUR BODY

Is a sure fire way to getting GREAT results!

Talk to me about this for free

And ask any questions that you have about weight loss

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Nicola ‘cookie monster’ Rossell