Weight loss myths debunked pt 1

Over the next 14 days I plan to talk you through my top 14 health, fitness and weight loss myths

There are undoubtedly MANY MORE ambiguous and confusing aspects of health and fitness

So, if you have any questions that have been confunding you

Please email me back and I’ll add it to the list, for a future email!

Here we go

Numero uno


This is not true

The best exercise for weight loss is the exercise that you can stick to….

And enjoy!

Because you will do it consistently.

(let’s be honest, maybe cardio burns more calories sometimes, but it can be insanely boring too!)

Weight loss is brought around by a combination of exercise, nutrition and other lifestyle factors that add up to having a healthy body and a well-functioning metabolism

Whether you do cardio

Lift weights





Or a combination

Consistency is what matters

Not rigid consistency

But simply committing to a certain amount of physical movement each week/month

Without this, your results will go up and down

And so will your motivation

Humans are happiest when we are making progress

If you want to see results

If you want to make progress

You must commit to a consistent routine

A lack of commitment, means a lack of results

So there you go myth #1 DEBUNKED

Check in tomorrow for the next weight loss myth!


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