Weight loss is as easy as A B C

If you’re over weight

And you want to change that…

What is stopping you?

If it’s anything like the weight loss gurus would have you believe… weight loss is easy right…?

It’s simply getting the balance right between what you put into your body…and what you burn off…?

Have you heard that before?

Anyone who has EVER been over weight knows that it is NOT easy to lose it

Weight does not just fall off with a snap of your fingers

Sure you could say no






junk food



Eventually people stop asking you to do stuff because they know the answer

coffee mug steaming


But you want this stuff in your life because you enjoy it, no?

I know I do

I know I couldn’t imagine the rest of my life without an ice cream!

This is where we go wrong in my humble but correct opinion!

Don’t expect weight loss to be easy

If you’ve been over weight for a while now

It’s going to be dang hard to shift it because you like the life you’ve been living

A life of excess…

Cutting back is HARD!


When I work with someone to help them lose weight…I don’t set hard and fast rules

I don’t ban cakes, sweets, crisps, chocolate

Check, tick list

AND I don’t lie to you and tell you it’s going to be an easy process

But when we’re doing it together it sure is EASIER than doing it alone!

Come along for an easier ride


Nicola ‘no more no’ Rossell

Advanced Transformation Course