Weight loss became less and less important

Yesterday I shared a testimonial with you

I wanted to highlight something pretty important about Natasha’s experience

Although she came to me for weight loss…

During her experience, weight loss become less relevant and less important to her

The things that become important to her over the 12 weeks became about MUCH MORE than just losing weight

In fact so much so that she doesn’t even mention weight loss results in her testimonial

Not because she didn’t lose any …she did a really good job…BUT

Simply because the OTHER benefits from the course outweighed and outlast losing a few lbs

Here is a reminder….

‘Before I joined BBT I was unhappy with my weight, unmotivated to workout and stuck in a rut with my food choices.

Everyday I would battle with myself and berate myself for not losing weight.

So…I joined Nicola’s course in January and I have noticed the biggest change in myself over the last 12 weeks!

So what did Natasha gain?

1. What I’ve most benefitted from the course is the mindset training, probing my relationships with myself and others
2. Nicola taught me to listen to my body in all areas – sleep, food, exercise and socialising.
3. I have gained so much knowledge that I can use for the rest of my life

  1. She’s given me the tools and excellent head start so that I can be independent and take control’

Let me ask you something

Do you want an experience where you are beasted, pushed and broken?

Where you don’t understand how to manage your lifestyle, your food

Where you follow a restrictive diet and tough training plan that leaves you feeling hungry, and tired….

Or and experience where you are

I provide the latter

I am not in the business of keeping you chained to me

I want you feeling healthy, happy and confident after your 12 weeks with me

If you don’t feel this way

You can have your money back!

That’s my promise!

Nicola Rossell