We all have the same challenges

Ahead of Wimbledon on Monday I caught some of another tournament on TV, Eastbourne

It was a ladies match featuring the British #1 Konta

I tuned in and caught a conversation between Konta and her coach

She was having a bit of a crisis of confidence

She was doubting her abilities and having a bit of a moan about the wind and the conditions

Her coach just said to her…’you both have the same challenges here’

And he was totally right

The other athlete had to battle the windy conditions too

And probably her own self doubt about her ability to win the match


It kinda reminded me about the women I speak to who want to lose weight

That come up with every excuse under the sun NOT to start

Despite being miserable and frustrated!

Excuses like

‘I don’t have time’

‘I can’t cook’

‘I am too tired to exercise’

‘I’m too far gone, I can’t change’

The thing is we all have the same challenges

And yet some women ARE ABLE to make those changes

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These are the women who choose not to let external factors affect their quest for health and happiness

These are women who accepted the challenges and found ways to work around them

These are women who are finding that health feels GREAT

And with health comes happiness which also feels GREAT

And with their health and happiness they have a renewed sense of confidence in their abilities, in their bodies and in their choices every single day…which feels GREAT!

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Nicola Rossell

Beginners Transformation Course