‘It’s my way or the high way amigo…’

‘It’s my way or the high way amigo…’

This is another extension of the diet culture pet peeve that I’ve talked about before

But it does get my goat so I wanted to reiterate how crazy it is to think that ONE approach could fit a whole population of people

And also that ONE approach could work for YOU for your whole life

Think about it….

How much happens in your life

How many changes?

Let’s face it


So keeping up with the times is a must

Keeping up with our bodies is a tough old thing to do

Much harder than keeping up with those Kardashiwhatsits

So give yourself a god damn break ok?

Pay attention to the awesome stuff that you are doing!

Pay attention to the daily habitual stuff that you are doing

And give yourself the credit where it is due

This might be different to what everyone else is doing

This might be different to what anyone else is doing

But creating something that works for you is imperative

IF you want to have a flexible and adaptable understanding of your body and the changes that you can make in your lifestyle to get the results that you want!

Every day that you tick one more box

Every day that you take another action toward where you want to be….

…Is a great day

Pay attention to what works for you

And build something over time that includes understanding, patience and experimentation…

If you want to learn more about the changes that you can make to get your ball rolling

And how to apply them in your life

So that you get the results that you want…

Whilst building up your health, your energy and your confidence!

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