Why are you wasting this life feeling like crap?

Yesterday I asked you if you had ever thought about personal training
And I gave you a verbal snapshot into how things fly at Rossell Fitness
Now I may or may not be the coach for you…
But here is some FREE advice straight from me to you
What I need you to understand is that staying STUCK is not an option
You literally ONLY have one life
Why are you wasting it feeling like crap on a daily basis?
Ali felt like crap too, and she was letting her health slide and deteriorate….
But then Ali took a brave step and started working out with me!
She won’t mind me saying this, because its true
She was in bad shape when she showed up, she was unfit, unhappy and unhealthy (her own words)
But she was determined to do something about it, before things got too far!
Take a look at the type of stuff Ali does with me -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bhOneDJGvQ
Ali ONLY works out with me for 3x30mins each week
I also work with Ali on her lifestyle and encourage her to have an active social life
To enjoy her food
To attend events and parties without feeling guilty about her food choices
And to chill out A LOT!
Weight loss IS NOT about how far you can push your body
It’s not about pain and strife
It’s not about doing the things that you hate
For me, and Ali, and my other ladies
Weight loss is about finding the balance so that you can do ALL of the things that you love
And still make health, happiness and confidence a priority!
We develop an individual FAT LOSS FORMULA
And we do this in our TRANSFORMATION programmes
But more about that another day….
Today, I just want you to recognise that things can change if you want them to
Staying stuck, staying unhappy and feeling like crap is YOUR choice
There is plenty of help out there, whether you choose to take my advice, or someone else’s…..
Just do SOMETHING if you are unhappy!
Ali did and she is now flying with her weight loss
Nicola ‘love the life you live!’ Rossell

4 Mandervell Road Oadby Leicester Leicestershire LE2 5LQ UNITED KINGDOM
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