Vimi was flippin awesome

One of the really cool things that we do in the gym is tyre flipping

It super tough and takes a while to build up to

But eventually I encourage all of my ladies to give it a try

They are usually intimidated and unwilling to really believe that they can do it

So sometimes I give them a helping hand…

But most of the time, I am simply a placebo effect

Giving them the impression that I am helping

But in reality, they are doing it ALL

This happened this week

Up until now Vimi has been struggling to flip it more than a few times on her own

So, I told her I would muck in and give her a hand

She then flipped it 28 times ….

Vimi turned to me and asked me how much I was helping…

I laughed and admitted that I was doing nothing

And she didn’t believe me!

Can you see the power of your mindset?

Of your beliefs

She is stronger than she thinks

And YOU are stronger than YOU think

  1. Where in your life are you denying your own strength?
  2. Where are you holding back when you could be ‘flippin awesome’?
  3. Where are you resisting change when you could be getting results that you want?

Vimi has recognised her own strength and she has realised her potential

What potential could you discover within yourself?

Lets talk about it ->

Nicola ‘liar, liar, pants on fire’ Rossell