Turn your frown upside down

Turn your frown upside down

What makes you happy?

I’d love to know

I want to know you better

What gives you that mushy, excited, glowing feeling in your tummy and heart?

Email me back and let me know!

Mine is music and dancing

I’ve not grown up with either of these things

Funny thing was that I had the chance to go to stage school when I was 10

And then I broke my leg…..

After this I went into sports and never looked back

Until I realised years and years later that I had no control over my emotions

My emotions, were in fact controlling me…and I wasn’t a happy person

I was using exercise/sports as a means of defining myself and controlling myself

But it was failing

I was no longer enjoying it

I was not happy and I couldn’t remember the last time that I had been truly happy inside

I smiled on the outside

But on the inside I was a roiling mess!

I knew that I had to seek out something that could make me truly happy

So I thought about the times that I felt truly relaxed

I went back into my memory, and sought out those times when I felt mushy and happy

And I realised it was when I was listening to music, singing OR watching someone else dancing

This whole world of theatre, dance, music and movement that I almost went into as a kid…..

Had come back around to save the day!

There is ONE thing that we know for sure

We CAN change our emotional state very quickly (IF we have the energy and smarts to recognise when we are spiralling down the emotional path in a bad way!)

If you know that you are a slave to your emotions too

If your emotions lead you down a bad road (binge eating, drinking, sedating etc)

Then you can do a very simple intervention to stop that behaviour in its tracks before it sinks its teeth into you



These are two incredibly powerful entities

Music can transport you to another place

Singing and dancing can release negative energy that would otherwise be pointed toward behaviours that YOU KNOW are not helping you to reach your weight loss goals

When I realised the power of music and exercise (and indeed the super power of them put together)

I built these things into my routine and after a few months of this self therapy

I could feel the tide changing

I am not saying that it is a magic fix

I still have sad days, mad days and bad days

BUT I know how to catch myself before I fall now

And more often than not, I can quickly perform an intervention….giving me back the feeling of being in control

Delve deep and figure out what makes you truly happy….

But I can guarantee that MUSIC and EXERCISE have POWERFUL POSITIVE consequences for altering your mood!

And let’s be honest, you can’t overdose on happiness!

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