Today is the day

Today is the day

The day of my ladies event

If you are not on the guest list by now…

What have you been doing???

You have one more chance to register before 1030am today when we kick things off

Today is going to be a blast

I have my lovely Spanish chica Azucena providing some delectable Mediterranean dishes for you to try

As well as giving you a tantalising demonstration of Sevillanas Spanish dancing

A real treat for you!

I have my new friend Tas coming in to showcase her delicious desserts

I have tried these and you would never guess that they are healthy – DIVINE

I have my lovely lady Vimi who will be talking about mindset

And how your mindset can hold you back from the results that you want

And how you can train your mindset to be your best friend for those weight loss results that you want to see

Natasha will be sharing her journey and showcasing her new range of organic skin care products

And then there is me….

I’ll be meeting and greeting

And showing you how I do it here at Rossell Fitness

There is no expectation of you at this event

You can talk to me or not

You can join in and dance, or not

You can try the food, or not

Whatever you want to get out of the event

Just come and enjoy yourself for a couple of hours

This event will be perfect for you if you’ve been stuck in a rut and need some new ideas

If you are suffering with low confidence

If you are confused about weight loss and how to be healthy

Come and find out more about my approach

I underpin everything that I do with the three principles




I value these thing for myself

And I encourage you and my ladies to do the same for the best lifestyle and weight loss results

Come on

Get your ticket here ->

I can’t wait to see you in a few hours


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