Thou shalt not fail

Sunday night so I’ll keep it short and sweet

Have you set yourself up for the week?

If you are not sure what to do start with these 3 tips

  1. Plan your meals so that you can plan your shopping list
  2. Set some weekly targets that you think will be do-able over 7 days
  3. Break these down into daily habits

For example….

An exercise goal could be to improve your running speed over 5km

A nutrition goal could be to eat out less to improve nutrient density of your meals

A lifestyle goal could be to increase overall energy

Your daily habits could then be to

Use these simple habits to improve your energy, lifestyle and health

I plan my goals and targets each week

Do I always hit them?

Absolutely not

But I like having something to aim for

And something to learn from and reflect on

Do your best

Nicola ‘striving’ Rossell

Bespoke Weight Loss Programme