This will work for you

We all know that one person who lives the life that they love

And we all feel super jealous that they can eat what they want

And essentially do what they want and still remain healthy and happy!

My granddad is one of those people

He turned 87 last week

And yet he is alive and well

When we think about lifestyle and weight loss

We often talk about balance

This IS balance

He found a way of living that suits him

He is able to live the life he loves whilst remaining healthy and happy as a clam

(Not for one second am I condoning smoking by the way)

But finding a balance between the things that you do in your lifestyle that allow you to be happy and healthy is DEFINITELY the way forwards

Find a way of living your life that works for you

It will be different from me

From your mum

From your best friend

But it will work for you

You will be able to enjoy your treats AND you will still be able to maintain the body and health that you want!

If you are gaining weight, then perhaps your balance isn’t quite right

I can help you with that

My coaching calls are designed for this purpose

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s create that balance for a health happy life that you LOVE

Nicola Rossell

Bespoke Weight Loss Programme