The truth is too painful

Do you make a weekly plan?

A monthly plan?

An annual plan?

Here at RF….

We make a 90 day plan

We do this because it’s a long enough time frame that you can see some AWESOME results

And it’s short enough that you can’t use the mindset that you can leave your tasks until the next week

This is a problem when you have annual plans, or lifelong vision boards…

Those ideas are WAY in the future…..

Which means that the action taking process that is needed to GET those results

Is not a priority

Life TODAY with the FIRE FIGHTING and STRESS that we face

Not to mention just being generally TIRED, WORN OUT and LACKING MOTIVATON after a long day at work….

These things overcome EVERY idea that we have about our future that is way off in the distance

Hence our shorter term model….to keep us more accountable!

When it comes to making a plan to achieve goals I often hear these excuses

I don’t believe in planning, I like to be spontaneous

I’m different, I don’t need a plan

I’m above planning, it’s for beginners

I already know what to do….

I don’t want to be accountable because it feels uncomfortable

I can only ask you this question….

How is that working out for you?

Do you have the results that you want?….or not?

Here is what I think about this….

I don’t believe in planning, I like to be spontaneous (that’s all well and good, but are you seeing the results that you want to see?)

I’m different, I don’t need a plan (hmmm we all need a plan, otherwise NOTHING gets done, we are master procrastinators, don’t deny it ;-) )

I’m above planning, it’s for beginners (planning is for everyone, and the bigger your goals, the more you need a plan, do you think that the most successful people in the world don’t have a plan, you’re mistaken! They have teams of people to help them build their mega strategies)

I already know what to do…. (yes….we all know what to do, but most people aren’t doing it….hence the need for a plan to keep accountability high)

I don’t want to be accountable because it feels uncomfortable (yes it does, seeing on paper that you DID or DID NOT do the work that you said you would do is not pleasant…but on the flip side, checking off goal after goal and target after target….is a pretty powerful feeling!)

So if you still think planning is not for you

Then we won’t be a good fit to work together

Your goals are important to me

I want you to get what you want

But without a plan

Without a clear idea of what you are working for….

You will be pulled in 5 different directions

And you won’t know what your priority is when it comes to making the choices that matter in your lifestyle and weight loss efforts

Shall we talk about this you and I? ->>