The tipping point

The hard reality of changing

The kinda sad thing about us humans is that we have this extraordinary ability to remain in great pain, without seeking out a way to remove the pain

But ultimately we can withstand great pain, without even thinking about making a few changes to reduce that pain

We suffer for months with low confidence because we don’t want to admit it

We suffer for years with chronic gut problems because its embarrassing

We can suffer for decades feeling unhappy, because we wear a mask that hides our sorrow

We suffer in silence, often beating ourselves up mentally (and probably making the suffering worse every time that we do this!)

So every time a lady comes to me and admits that she wants things to change

My heart sings! Truly, because it means that she has reached THAT point

The point where enough is enough

Where going around in circles is no longer acceptable

Where the pain simply got too much

And the pain of changing and creating new habits, seems less than the pain that she is currently in

There is a tipping point

And the sad thing for me is that it seems like we have to reach that ALL TIME LOW before we can begin to claw our way up and out of the hole we are in

Every time you choose not to take action and make changes in your life….

And every time this happens, it gets harder and harder to consider changing

We can kind of ‘get by‘ using fake smiles, pretences and short term ‘pick me ups’

To create this false sense of happiness and confidence

But what you cannot hide from

What truly exposes you, is your HEALTH

If you are letting things slide

If you are not taking care of yourself

It will start to show up, it may take years, it may take months, it may just take weeks….

But the signs will start to show up in your skin, your eyes, your weight, your energy, your moods, your self talk…..

Do not be afraid of admitting that you want things to change

It does not make you a failure

It does not make you weak

It makes you STRONG

It means that you will begin to see success from your actions

It means that you will begin to feel more ENERGISED, more CONFIDENT, more HEALTHY…

You will see great changes in your skin, the brightness in your eyes, your posture, your moods and your waistline!

Let go of your fears

And talk to me about what is going on with you →

Don’t leave it until next week

Don’t leave it until next year….

Start working on it now

It just gets harder every day that you hide from it!

Nicola ‘been there, done that‘ Rossell