This is the scariest thing

‘Nicola I feel like I will never get there, I don’t know how to even get started’

THIS is the scariest thing about trying to change things in your life

You see, the approach that we take here at RF….

It’s not a hardcore BEAST MODE approach

(its also not for softies)

We make small and simple changes

SO THAT you feel comfortable, but not too comfortable

SO THAT you feel challenges, but not destroyed

This has been incredibly successful with the ladies so far

(find out more for yourself right here = )

But getting started can be scary, intimidating and overwhelming…

Because climbing a mountain is hard

And that might be how you are feeling right now

Like you have such a long way to go….be that as it may…..

How long are you prepared to suffer in silence though?

How long are you willing to stay the same, changing nothing, moving nowhere?

I want you to ignore what everyone else is doing right now

And just think about you

And what you are doing

And what you could do to change….

One of the reasons that it can be so intimidating is because we are ALWAYS looking over our shoulder

At other people who are doing amazing things

These people might have things that you want….

They might look like you want to look

They might be able to do something that you want to do

They might have the perfect life….in your eyes…

But ….you don’t know what is going on behind the scenes

You never know how hard someone has had to work to get what you can see

So let’s focus inward today….

Let’s focus on what you CAN do today

Never mind what they are doing

Ignore them

Put down your phone, turn of Instagram

Stop looking over the fence at your neighbours’ bendy garden yoga practise

And just look at your own life

There are SO MANY small and simple BUT SIGNIFICANT changes that you could make today

If you are suffering in your mind

If you are in pain about where you are and where you want to be

If you are frustrated

Fed up that you want things to be different

Talk to me about it today ->

There has to be a statute of limitations on how long you are willing to stay stuck?

Doesn’t there?

You will never get there, IF, you never get started!