The rest is history

I know I bang on about this all of the time

But getting started on a health and fitness journey is ALWAYS the hardest part

I have a friend who has tremendous potential in fitness

He is a decent runner

He can lift weights

He can climb well

But he struggles with motivation to get going

And often finds himself going through periods of being really sedentary and losing all of the benefits he built up (and putting on a lb or two – we’ve all been there right?!)

He dropped me a line yesterday and exclaimed that he was back into fitness again

And that he knew it was all about just getting started

Once that ball is rolling

It doesn’t take as much effort to keep the momentum going…

He totally hit the nail on the head

He could not be more right…

The thoughts you have about getting started

The dread that you feel

The lack of energy you have right now

They are all barriers stopping you from getting a good roll on that imaginary ball

And you know what

It does take energy

It does take more time to be healthy and fit

You will have to make some changes

Some sacrifices from the life that you are leading right now

It will feel hard at first

You will get resistance from it

You will want to go back to your old ways……

Because its takes a special effort to be healthy, fit and happy

You have to decide what you want more???

The difference between people who have health, happiness, confidence and energy

And people who DON’T and never will have those things

Is getting started….

Those people who HAVE aren’t super heroes

They aren’t freaks who live in the gym and eat their meals out of tuppawares every day



They overcame their barriers

And they STARTED

It’s NEVER as bad as you think it is going to be

The rest as they say, is history

If you want more…

If you want to feel HEALTHIER and HAPPIER

If you want to have more ENERGY and CONFIDENCE

Let’s talk about you and your momentum

You and your motivation

You and your barriers…

Lets’ work out what is stopping you from making that first move?

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