The path of least resistance

The other day I sent an email about lifestyle change and habit change

About how we often feel like we are going around in circles

Particularly with ‘hard to change‘ habits that seem ingrained

It can feel like changing your ways is beyond your capabilities….

This doesn’t have to be true

And it comes down to a choice

Do you take the path of least resistance OR do you make the harder (but probably better choice?)

It’s always easier to take the path of least resistance

It will feel more natural (in the beginning) and it will be easier to complete as you will be used to doing it (that’s what habits are after all!)

BUT over time, if you can break the pattern, if you can undo the habit…

Then your new path (the healthier choice path) will begin to feel easier

It just takes getting over that first bump in the road to meander and create a new course before things can really begin to change.

Most people will read this and carry on making the easier choice (we are too busy, too stressed and chasing our tails daily)

But I think you could achieve something great if you commit yourself…

Be patient

Be kind to yourself

Be savvy and start to learn about habit change


Be aware and pay attention to your signs, symptoms and how you’re feeling

You can do this :-)



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